I advise boaters to spend as much as it takes to get the right propeller for their boating application. Sometime it means Stainless ( 300hp and up ); sometimes it means 3 blade; sometimes it means 4 blade; Don’t be too concerned with prop costs because the biggest bang that..
Piranha composite propellers are superior to any aluminum. Piranha propellers were developed with three things in mind: durability, performance and affordability. A key feature is that the blades are replaceable. You can change the diameter and the pitch, save on the costs involved with propeller repairs, not to mention the..
As gas prices continue to creep up we are getting more and more enquiries from customers on how to improve performance with regards to fuel efficiency. The picture below shows a slightly damaged blade where the leading edge of the propeller has been damaged by running through some sand or..
The Difference between PowerTech Stainless Steel Boat Propellers and Piranha Composite Propellers PowerTech stainless steel boat propellers are among the fastest and strongest propellers on the market. These stainless steel propellers have been manufactured for over 34 years as a durable and secure propeller option. Piranha composite propellers made in..
I have had the privilege of boating on many lakes in Ontario and Quebec and in the US, intercoastal waterway in Florida. These include the Thousand Islands, the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario , the Rideau Lakes locks system and some smaller lakes in the Land O Lakes region in..
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The Piranha modular design allows for blades to be replaced due to damage or to be re-pitched for performance. The key to the patented Piranha boat propeller is the hub. The center hub is made from a high-strength aluminum core, over molded with our specially-formulated composite material. The Piranha blades..
Have you ever run your finger along the face, or edge, of a prop and felt a pitted area? If you have, then you know what cavitation can do to a prop. Given enough use, that pitting will only get deeper and you will end having to replace the prop...
Warranty Information 30-day Money Back Guarantee All new Piranha Propellers feature a 30-day guarantee. This gives you the opportunity to experience what Piranha has to offer, without the risk of getting stuck with a propeller that doesn’t work right. Most propeller manufacturers won’t take a prop back after you’ve tried..
We can help you select the correct propeller the more info we know the more accurate our recommendation Motor type and manufacturer Year and horsepower of motor Length and type of boat Any current prop info will help. Diameter, pitch and type of material WOT (wide open throttle) RPM reading..