Piranha propellers

Piranha Propellers

Every once in a while someone comes up with a really bright idea … and Piranha propellers did just that. Piranha propellers use an aluminum hub with tapered slots that take individual Verton composite blades (nylon fiber & carbon resins) that slide into the slots. The hubs have a lifetime warranty. The blades are stronger than aluminum and if you hit bottom your typically not replacing all the blades (and not rebuilding a prop). The blades weigh less than 1 lb. each and can be changed in minutes. Even 3 replacement blades are cheaper than a replacement prop. In many cases the blades will absorb the shock of a hit, but in severe cases the blades are designed to break off, preventing possible damage to the gear case. The Piranha blades also show proven performance over standard aluminum props. They also have a HydroBite version which has edges on the blades that give the prop more traction in the water allowing better performance out of the hole.

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