About Piranha Propellers

Piranha Propellers were invented by aeronautical engineer, Brad Stahl, and civil engineering colleague, Eric Jochin ,in California in the late 1980's. In June of 1990, after extensive R & D, they were issued Patent # 4,930,987 and Piranha Propellers was born. Jochim had often complained about the cost and inconvenience of damaged propellers. Stahl wondered about the possible applications for an incredible new composite he had found. “What can we build out of this new material that will allow someone to repair his propeller in just a matter of minutes for less cost?” Neither realized this was the start of a project that would revolutionize the recreational boat propeller market. Taking aerospace technology and applying it to the recreational boating industry was technology transfer of ingenious proportions.

The Piranha Boat Propeller modular design allows for blades to be replaced due to damage or to be re-pitched for performance. The key to the patented Piranha boat propeller is the hub. The center hub is made from a high-strength aluminum core, over-molded with a specially-formulated composite material. This robust engineering also eliminates “spun" boat propeller hubs. The hub is so strong that it is guaranteed for life, “you damage it, we will replace it.”

The replaceable blades are manufactured from a specially formulated high-strength aerospace composite of long-strand glass fibres and nylon. The manufacturing process is so precise, that the blade shape and pitch distribution is superior to Stainless Steel and Aluminum. Blade balance is no longer a problem as the Piranha Propeller blades are balanced to 2 times the industry standard. The precise balancing reduces lower unit damage caused by vibration.

The Piranha blades are designed to absorb the shock of a propeller strike, which virtually eliminates lower unit damage. Repairing or replacing lower units is expensive. A boat propeller is a critical component to the performance of a boat. Damaged propellers will not only degrade performance and fuel efficiency, but can cause excessive wear on the lower unit.

Spare Piranha prop blades are easily stored onboard, and replacement of a damaged blade only takes a few minutes. With the replacement prop blades on hand, it is simple to restore a damaged propeller to factory new specifications in just minutes.

Shopping for a quality boat propeller can be extremely challenging. Propeller designs come in a variety of sizes and configurations. The technical support experts at Ace Propeller are available to assist in making the optimum propeller choice for your outboard or sterndrive. Piranha Propellers extensive product line will fit all sterndrive and outboard manufacturers from 8 to 300 HP. Available in 3 Blade and 4 Blade configurations.