Boat Propeller Advice for Increased Performance

Better, faster, stronger, and more fuel-efficient. We’re all looking for improved performance from our engines. The question is, where do you start? Below are three factors every boat owner should look at for that needed performance boost.

Choosing the Right Prop

The best way to improve performance is with the correct propeller for your engine and boat use. With factors such as diameter, pitch, material, cupping, 3-blade or 4-blade, there are multiple combinations you can choose from that will affect performance. Which combination is best for your engine, environment and boat use? Ultimately, you want to make sure you are in the proper RPM operating range for your engine as specified by your manufacturer. Trial and error is one way to find out. Or, you can consult with an expert. The technicians at Ace Propeller would be happy to discuss your requirements and recommend the optimum propeller for your boating needs.


In the marine industry weight is everything. As weight increases, your top speed decreases so keep that in mind as you add fuel, passengers and cargo for your next outing.

3-Blade or 4-Blade?

The difference between 3 blades over 4 blades is that the 3-blade (smaller blade ratio) usually goes faster and the 4-blade (higher blade ratio) has a better hole shot and better stern lift as well as better handling and fuel economy because it will keep you on plane at a lower speed.

Propeller Material

If we are talking performance; stainless steel propellers are the best followed by composite propellers and then aluminum. If you are not worried about hitting and damaging the prop; I strongly suggest investing in a stainless steel propeller, the performance is an improvement on hole-shot top speed and fuel economy.

For your next prop, consider the modular, composite design of the Piranha. Piranha composite propellers perform better than aluminum props and are less susceptible to damage than stainless steel props if hitting is a risk. The composite material is designed to absorb impact to save your lower unit. If a blade is damaged, they can be replaced individually right on the water with some of the spare blades you keep onboard. You can change the diameter and the pitch, save on the costs involved with propeller repairs, not to mention the potential damage to your gear case.

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